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european general newsUnkategorisiert 17.01.2020

Workshop – EVKM Europatag auf dem Deutschen Krankenhaustag

Gesundheitsversorgung in Europa: Highlights im Krankenhausmanagement Der 42. Deutsche Krankenhaustag findet zeitgleich mit der MEDICA 2019 in der […]

european general news 17.01.2020

Management Workshop – EVKM Europaday at the Deutschen Krankenhaustag

    This Conference takes place on November 20th 2019 at 9:00, during  the german Hospital Days […]

european general news 11.10.2019

Conference Mayo Clinic Paris – 5, 6 November 2019

CONFERENCE MAYO CLINIC 5 & 6 novembre Dialog Health et le CNEH font venir la Mayo Clinic […]

eahm newseuropean general news 16.11.2018

The 20th Anniversary of the Pan-Hellenic Health Management Conference

The 20th Hellenic Health Services Management Association (HHSMA) Conference entitled “Health: A Strategy for Distinction”, was held […]

european general news 30.06.2016

Five big issues for health and social care after the Brexit vote

As in many European contries, the UK health and care system is facing huge operational and financial […]

european general news 05.04.2016

The HMI Leaders Award 2015

Congratulations to Alison Dougall, Dublin Dental University Hospital on wining the HMI Leaders Award 2015. Alison’s project […]

european general news 05.04.2016

Healthy ageing requires a life-course approach

01-10-2015 The first World report on ageing and health calls for urgent, comprehensive public health action to […]

european general news 05.04.2016

new proposed amendments to the German draft Hospital Structures Act (VKD)

Berlin,October 5th 2015 „Our arguments seems to have convinced responsible health officials and the deputies in federal […]

european general news 05.04.2016

Fraude à la Sécurité Sociale française : les chiffres

La Sécurité sociale française chiffre à 196 millions d’euros les fraudes dont elle a été victime en […]

european general news 15.03.2016

Convention week „We’re living longer…“ (AT)

The key note speaker of this Dr. Michael Hudson. The early bird prices are valid until March […]

european general news 10.03.2016

2016, 10. Jubiläumsjahr der Entscheiderfabrik

Berlin,27. Oktober 27 2015 2016 ist das 10. Jubiläumsjahr der Entscheiderfabrik. Feiern Sie den 10. Geburtstag gemeinsam […]

european general news 10.03.2016

Chirurgie ambulatoire : le ministère de la santé français fixe l’objectif 2020

Le Ministère de la Santé se propose d’atteindre un taux d’intervention par chirurgie ambulatoire de 66 % à […]