About us Advisory bodies

Three advisory bodies committees and two working groups have been created to handle current issues.


The Scientific Sub-Committee (SSC) is set up as a consultative organ within the EAHM. lts mission is to advise the EAHM Executive Committee regarding the realisation of its objectives, which are the promotion of the professional competence of its members, directors and hospital executives.

Members of the SSC :

  • Doris Gillig
    President France
  • MHA Matthias P. Spielmann,
    Vice-President Switzerland
  • Marc Hastert, General Secretary 
  • Lorcan Birthistle Ireland
  • Prof. Pascal Verdonck Belgium
  • Prof. Dr Kristof Eeckloo Belgium
  • Alexandro Lourenço Portugal
  • Laure Pellerin Luxembourg
  • Dr Marinko Rade Croatia
  • Prof. Danielle Rossi Turck Belgium
  • Kestutis Staras Lithuania

European affairs

The Subcommittee “European Affairs” (SCEA) is working on several topics within the EAHM like the evaluation of European initiatives within the EU, Member States or other European partners. The initiatives and their evaluation serve as a contribution to the construction of a social Europe while representing the interests of the hospitals in this process.

Members of the SCEA :

  • Prof. Dr Jacques Scheres, President Netherlands
  • Victor Herdeiro
    Vice-President Portugal
  • Christoph Essmann Germany
  • Christophe Gautier France
  • Dr Juraj Gemes Slovakia
  • Marc Hastert General Secretary
  • Peter Asche Germany
  • Louise McMahon United Kingdom
  • Dr Michel Nathan Luxembourg
  • Dr Gerard O’Callaghan, Ireland
  • Romualdas Sabaliauskas Lithuania
  • Danny Havenith Belgium
  • Mag. Karl Wulz Austria

Mental health

The Sub-Committee “mental health” (SCMH) is set up as a consultative organ within the EAHM. lts mission is to advise the EAHM Executive Committee regarding the realisation of its objectives in the field of Mental Health. The Sub-Committee will support the aims of EAHM with particular focus on the importance of building a first class, recovery oriented – strengths based and person-centred including social inclusion in mental health service. The Sub­Committee will set specific goals to support in EAHM hospitals further integration of services for persans struggling with mental health or substance abuse problems. This will also include the promotion of the professional competence of its members working as directors and hospital executives in mental health services.

Members of the SCMH :

  • Holger Höhmann President  Norway
  • Adrian Ahern Ireland
  • Nicole Demeter Belgium
  • Doris Gillig France
  • Pascal Mariotti France
  • Holger Höhmann, Germany 
  • Klaus Kupfer Germany
  • Béda Meyer Switzerland
  • Niels Aagaard Nielsen Denmark
  • Prof. Vesna Šendula Jengi Croatia
  • Dr John Simpson United kingdom

Working group communication

Members of the Working Group Communication are :

  • Nikolaus Koller President Austria
  • Heinz Klölking Vice-President Germany
  • Philippe Blua France
  • Juraj Gemes Slovakia
  • Marc Hastert Luxembourg
  • Freddy Iemants Belgium
  • Christian Marolt Guest member
  • Ann Marie O’Grady Ireland

Working group IT-managers

Members of the Working Group – IT Managers are :

  • Dr Pierre-Michael Meier , IT Group Chair, Germany
  • Gunther Kostka Belgium
  • Irenijus Puotkalis Lithuania