Our members

EAHM is composed of full members, associate members and affiliate members.

The following may be admitted by the General Assembly as an ordinary member: national associations or groupings or, failing that, regional directors of hospitals, of national importance regardless of their legal status.

Associate members are :

  • Directors and senior staff of European hospitals who are members of a national association of hospital directors affiliated with EAHM.
  • National associations or groups of hospital directors or senior staff of hospitals in European countries who have applied for admission to the EAHM as an ordinary member. The duration of their associate membership is limited to a maximum of two years from the receipt of their application for admission accepted by the General Assembly.
  • Legal entities of public or private law and leaders of the hospital and health sector in European and non-European countries.

Affiliate members are :

An association of hospital managers from a country which is not yet a member of EAHM can ask to become affiliate member. The membership as affiliate member is automatically cancelled if another association of the same country joins EAHM as full member, or if the affiliated association become a full member of EAHM.

The affiliate member shall have a non-voting representative at the General Assembly. Affiliate members are excluded from the Board, from the Executive Committee and from the functions of President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary General. Their representatives may participate in EAHM working groups and subcommittees, but may not serve as chairman or vice-chairman. The affiliate members can’t organize an EAHM congress. The duration of membership as an affiliate member will be 4 years, ie identical to the term of office of the members of the Executive Committee. It will then be up to the General Assembly to verify whether an affiliate member can become a full member and then be entitled to have a representative in the Executive Committee. An affiliate member not necessarily needs to be an association of a European country. Then the affiliate member cannot become a full member after 4 years. Such an association will remain an affiliate member. Membership as an affiliate member is subject to specific fees.

Full Members

Associate Members