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eahm news 25.03.2021

SHeIC Conference 9-10 December 2021 in Troyes

SHeIC 2021 in Troyes In addition, the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) will also organize its […]

eahm news 22.01.2021

Offener Brief an die politischen Vertreter Deutschlands

Liquidäts- und Insolvenzsicherung der Krankenhäuser und Rehakliniken

eahm news 18.01.2021

Mortality of Covid inpatients

Mortality of covid inpatients during the first wave A big decrease of mortality The Institut Pasteur carried […]

eahm news 17.12.2020

Health and Hospital Management Systems in Europe

Health and Hospital Management System in Greece Health and Hospital Management System in Luxembourg Health and Hospital […]

eahm news 17.11.2020

First issue of the EAHM magazine « Hospital Management in Europe »

FOCUS . COVID 19 Healthmanagement faced with virus Interview : European Commission MENTAL HEALTH Mental health and […]

eahm news 19.09.2020

20200919_Agile_leadership during the crisis

Article – Leadership during the crisis Paul Bomke  

eahm news 08.05.2020

COVID19_Overview in european countries

Fighting Strategy COVID-19_Austria Fighting Strategy COVID-19_France Fighting Strategy COVID-19_Germany Fighting Strategy COVID-19_Greece Fighting Strategy COVID-19_Hungary Fighting Strategy […]

eahm news 26.02.2020

14.02.2020 – EAHM Board in Athens

The Hellenic Health Services Management Association (HHSMA) welcomed on 14.02.2020 the Board of the European Association of […]

eahm news 13.12.2019

13.12.19 EAHM met the Serbian Health Economists and Lawyers Association (SHELA)

« EAHM met the Serbian Health Economists and Lawyers Association (SHELA) in Belgrade on December, 13th 2019 to […]

eahm news 23.09.2019


AND THE WINNERS ARE: 1st place: Abstract 4 2nd place: Abstract 5 3rd place: Abstract 1 & 2 […]

eahm news 16.07.2019

« How do you feel? » The Troyes hospital probes staff mood.

In 2018, the Hospital Center of Troyes created a smartphone application dedicated to its paramedical staff: My […]

eahm news 10.07.2019

International Conference, Vilnius, 28. June 2019 : Photo gallery