A strong organization

It is composed of ordinary and associate members. Ordinary members are eligible  to vote. Each country represented has four votes. It takes place once a year at different locations at one of the member countries. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the EAHM. It approves the accounts and the budget. It elects the members of the Executive Committee and the Board as well as the Presidents and Vice-Presidents. It speaks also out on the planned activities and on issues of hospitals and their management.

The President

The President, being the legal representative of the EAHM, is elected by an Ordinary General Assembly for a period of 4 years.

The current President of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) elected for the next four years (2022-2026) is Ms Lucy Nugent from Ireland. She was elected on May 2022 at the 52nd General Assembly held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Lucy Nugent is the CEO of the Tallaght University Hospital in Dublin since January 2019, a large academic teaching hospital with a staff of over 3,500 from 58 different nationalities and a budget of €275million (Deputy CEO from June 2016 to January 2019).

At the same General Assembly, Dr Josef Düllings, was elected as Vice-President of the EAHM. Dr Düllings is the CEO of the St. Vincenz Hospitals in Salzkotten and Paderborn, Germany. He is also the President of the German Association of Hospital Directors (VKD)

The Secretary General

The Secretary General is appointed by the Executive Committee for a term of 5 years. He coordinates the daily operation of the EAHM and renders account to the Board.

The Board

The Board consists of the President, the Vice President and of five members.
The immediate Past-President and the Secretary General assist the members, with a consultative voice.

The Board prepares the meetings of the Executive Committee and oversees the implementation of such decisions taken by the General Assembly or the Executive Committee.

Members for the term 2022-2026

Invited to the Board Meetings

The executive committee

The Executive Committee consists of:

– the President,
– the Vice-President,
– five members of the Board and
– one representative for each country with at least one full member that is not represented by one of the 5 members of the Board or by the Vice-President.

The immediate Past-President and the Secretary General have a consultative voice in the Executive Committee.
The Presidents and the Vice-Presidents of the Subcommittees can be invited to the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee is in charge of all decisions that do not fall under the jurisdiction of other bodies. It issues Standing Orders
Member countries elect their representative member as Executive member during the General Assembly every four years.
The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year.

Members of the Executive Committee for the term 2022-2026