Our members Regional Association Of Hospitals ‘Stara Planina’

Who are we

The Stara Planina Regional Association of Hospitals /RAH/ is a non-for-profit legal entity for the public profit established and registered in 1997. The RAH is the first organization uniting the efforts of its members – municipal and regional hospitals in the Region of Central Stara Planina, Bulgaria. Its members are the multi-profile active treatment hospitals in the towns of Tryavna, Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Troyan, Lovech, Teteven, Elena, Lukovit and Dryanovo. RAH is registered in the Central Registry for public benefit organizations.

Since year 2004 Regional Association of Hospitals “Stara Planina” is a member of the European Association of Hospital Managers.


The RAH supports the hospitals in order to improve the access to quality health services by optimal usage and development of resources, by attracting new partners and by being flexible to respond to the changing healthcare necessities.

The efforts of the RAH are focused on innovative and flexible approaches that pay a special attention to the responsibility of individuals and groups of people, to new ideas and new actions as well as to utilization of resources available. The programs of the RAH are based on the principle of communication and cooperation at local and international level as a means of speeding up progress towards a better health for all the people.


The RAH is an information, consultation and training centre supporting the efforts of hospitals for a more efficient activity in the area of management, organization, financing, administration and quality of healthcare by improving the coordination and cooperation among the various providers of medical care, institutions, NGOs, media and international partners.

The Association is an esteemed partner to regional, national and international organizations for the implementation of projects in the area of healthcare and social policy.

Organizational structure

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Association and it consists of authorized representatives of every hospital that is an active member as well as of associated and honorary members. The quota of each hospital, Association member, is up to 7 people.
The Board of Directors is the managing body of the Association and it has a total number up to 19 people. To realize the objectives of the Association and with a view to its needs, the Board of Directors appoints an executive director and sets her tasks.
The RAH Executive team is consist of Executive director and assistant.