News 16.07.2019 HMI Annual Conference, Tuesday October 2nd, Dublin



People, Passion, Performance are at the core of effective healthcare delivery. Their point of intersection brings a powerful synergy to the delivery of services. People, Passion, Performance is the theme of our annual conference for 2019. The conference focuses on learning from our experiences. It will give us the opportunity to explore each of these dimensions, their intersection, and how we can learn from our experiences to be better able to deliver appropriate 21stcentury healthcare.

People are at the heart of healthcare, both those who need care and those who deliver care. Looking to the future of healthcare delivery, what are the policies and practices that will enable the recruitment, retention and engagement of professionals across the sector to deliver high quality and compassionate care? We need to look not only at people on the front-line but the many staff who serve and support those who deliver care.

Being passionate is more than being caring. It provides the motivation to deliver the best possible service, whatever our role.  It is about developing high-level competencies and striving for excellence. Passion is about continuous learning and each person seeking opportunities to improve and bring new and fresh ideas to our work.

With the right people, passionate about their work, the role of the manager becomes clearer – they create the environment where their staff can excel. Excellent performance comes from a process of continuous improvement. This conference will provide a critical view of what has worked, and not worked, in healthcare service delivery. It will provide a strong starting point enabling managers to develop strategies and business plans on which future performance can be soundly and confidently based. The intersection of the 3Ps will deliver the synergies necessary to raise the bar on service delivery


Conference 2019 will give the time and space to our distinguished panel of speakers to consider the role of people, passion and performance and where these fit in a future world of healthcare delivery.

The conference will also offer an unique opportunity for managers to meet and network with colleagues in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I look forward to seeing your there.




HMI Annual Conference 2019
Wednesday, 2 October
The Concert Hall, RDS, Dublin