News 06.08.2019 IESE Healthcare 2019, Save the Date, 20 november 2019

Health consumerism, population ageing and the tsunami of chronic disease are re-shaping the way we think of, and deliver care. At the same time, the healthcare market is becoming more complex, with increased regulation and public budgets not always keeping up with demand and price pressures. Moreover, digital transformation and new technologies have the potential to disrupt the health sector, although the pace of change varies.

What is the real potential of digital health to improve outcomes, quality and access, and increase sustainability? Who is winning in healthcare through digital disruption?
To make sure that all these changes take us in the right direction, there is one guiding lemma: Healthcare first.

Under the title “Rising to the Challenge: Healthcare First”, IESE Healthcare 2019 will reflect on how the different agents in healthcare can work together to continue building a healthier society, at a time of enormous change in the sector. We invite you to help us define which types of partnerships will emerge, that will allow us to continue innovating. How do we build a new business model, to help us deliver value-based care? How can digital health innovation help us transform patient experience? What fundamentals should we start building today, in order to make our health systems more sustainable?


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November 20, 2019

IESE Barcelona
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