News 18.01.2021 Mortality of Covid inpatients

Mortality of covid inpatients during the first wave
A big decrease of mortality
The Institut Pasteur carried out a study on the 91 304 hospitalizations for covid in France during the
first wave (March 1 to June 30). The results of the study show a big decrease in mortality and in
probability of intensive care needs during this period. The probability of intensive care needs
decreased by 50%. The mortality decreased by 52%. With same sex and age, the decreases are
respectively of 59% and 56%.
There are two explanations about this decrease.
The first and main explanation is a better knowledge of the disease and its treatments, mainly the use
od corticosteroid and oxygenation.
The second explanation is the reduction in pressure on the hospital system since April. So less affected
patients could be welcomed in hospitaliszation and intensive care units. And of course, if they are less
affected their chances of survival are higher.

Morbidity factors
An other study, by the REVA (European Research Network in Artificial Ventilation) focused on 4244
patients in intensive care, from February 25 to May 4. 95% of these patients were in France, others in
Belgium and Switzerland. The study shows a high mortality for ederly patients, immunocompromised
patients and also patients with extreme obesity or diabetes.
The same study shows that the faster the admission in intensive care after the first syptoms, the higher
the mortality.