eahm news 09.10.2018

More than 1200 delegates at the 27th EAHM Congress

  Download the newspaper “Hospital Publico” edited for the 27th EAHM congress :        […]

european general news 17.09.2018

Kongress der Schweizerischen Vereinigung der Spitaldirektorinnen und Spitaldirektoren

Die Rolle der verschiedenen Spitalkategorien im Kontext integrierter Versorgung und ambulant statt stationär Le rôle des hôpitaux […]

eahm news 19.06.2018

EAHM Conference Leadership and Digital Transformation Executive Event

EAHM Conference Leadership and Digital Transformation Executive Event March 28th – 29th 2018 By David Wall/Peter Roche […]

eahm news 10.04.2018

eHealth – Transforming Healthcare in Disruptive Times – Key notes

Feedback “eHealth – Transforming Healthcare in Disruptive Times” Dublin,  28th -29th of March. eHealth and the use of technology today […]

eahm news 05.12.2017

43th National Congress ANMDO

  EAHM meets ANMDO during the 43e National congress in Firenze from 25th to 27th October 2017. The […]

press releases 28.11.2017

Association des directeurs d’hôpital – Nous sommes fiers de porter les valeurs de l’Hôpital

Dirigeants, médecins, soignants, administratids et techniques : Nous sommes fiers de porter les valeurs de l’Hôpital L’hôpital-bashing est […]

eahm news 19.10.2017

Photos – The future of healthcare professions

Theme day for hospital directors of the Greater Region: The future of healthcare professions As a logical […]

eahm news 05.10.2017

Start of the national flu campaign for 2017/2018

October 2nd marks the start of the national flu campaign. You may be aware of the surge […]

eahm news 03.10.2017

Photos : “The role of the future healthcare manager” – Barcelona

The workshop “The role of the future health worker” took place from 14 to 15 September at […]

eahm news 15.11.2016

Health leadership in Europe promoted in exclusive media partnership

The European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) and Enter New Agrement. EAHM and will partner […]

european general news 30.06.2016

Five big issues for health and social care after the Brexit vote

As in many European contries, the UK health and care system is facing huge operational and financial […]

press releases 07.04.2016

Les cliniques ont besoin d’une infrastructure informatique moderne

Berlin/Bruxelles, 5 juin 2014. Un équipement informatique moderne est aujourd’hui un préalable important pour des soins de […]

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